Sunny Jamaica

I have to admit it. While everyone was loving wintertime and everyone was posting cute teacup and cosy blanket photos, I was over it right after Christmas -when all the excitement was over and all the presents were opened.

Finally the peaks of spring are showing in the nature and I’m already fantasizing about sandy beaches and long carefree nights. Softly sunburned skin, short dresses,no bra, warm salty breeze from the ocean, nice company and a beverage in your hand. That feeling when you could tell that “something is in the air”. Let me tell you, I’m so ready for a long, hot, sticky, sweaty summer!

While dreaming of it I tought I’ll post some pictures from my DREAM Jamaican trip.
I was lucky enough that I worked for an amazing small company with even more amazing ceo. He rewarded us for a hard work with a trip to Jamaica. Yes, no joke. And let me tell you, it was something i’ll never tought i’ll be able to afford at such a young age with almost empty bank account – obviously. But you know what, these were the firs glimpses of the life i wanted and these were the times i realised if i work hard for it and show dedication, life – or the universe will send you the right people that will help you pursue your goals.
And i cannot be more grateful for this experience, even if i realised later in life, this is not the career path for me.

We visited Jamaica in december so it was the most perfect getaway. We flew from cold and snowy Europe to fairly hot and sunny Jamaica. Even during wintertime there was 29 degrees C. Main cultural difference were definitely people. I cannot forget cute and positive staff in our resort. For example one day i woke up at 5 in the morning and took a stroll to the beach to enjoy peaceful morning and sit on the sand looking easy waves. While i was walking from our bungalow trough our mini tropical garden i heard a man singing to himself. He was clearly entertained and pleased with himself. I know i was thinking to myself i’,m to shy to sing out loud randomly in the public. and what if i would woke someone up a t 5 am, they would be angry with me. But you know what. No one cared, that is true Jamaican spirit. No problem, be yourself, we embrace that. And the nice man said good morning to me, trew out there few compliments and went on to work. Easy breezy.

Jamaica is definitely a place to experience and one you do, it’s a place you look forward to come back. It’s hard to put in words the energy that’s in the air out there. But I would say full of sunshine and positivity. The plants are moisty and green, the fruit tastes like from other dimension, the people look you straight in the eyes, the beaches are sandy and white, the ocean is turquoise, little kids are the cutest little humans with braids all over their head, and their Pina Colada from all fresh ingredients… Heaven on earth. This was just a brief memorie of my Jamaican adventure and in time I’ll share with you more.

Love, Nika


How To Win At Life

What winning is? When the win happens? Will it leave me internally satisfied and somehow complete?

These are the questions running trough my head lately. While growing up society splits us apart on “winners” and “losers” and later in teenage life we continue on doing that or even multiplying that kind of behaviour, because we forgot how else coud it be. We start projecting our “wins” on other people.

Is this the real win, when you “win” that person to be your partner? The One that everybody faints over and is super popular amongst your community? Is the real win secretly competing with other people on who’s better dressed or cooler on instagram, without them even knowing they are in this game? Is acknowledging that you have higher number of followers than your competition the real win?

I would say no! This is just an illusion we blindly believe in. Most of us unknowingly do that because that’s how we have been thought trough previous generations. Remember people small talking on a daily base like: “He is successful-obviously, you can see it by his brand new Mercedes.” A nice expensive car and a nice facade on your house was the goal, right? Mine was too. But…

What happens when you accomplish that? When you reach these goals of yours?

As far as i experienced life, it might give me temporary satisfaction when someone notices it and gives me compliment on that. But it’s the same feeling with all the things eventually. Either it’s a car, a nice profile picture, a comment, brand new facade on the house, or getting better grade than your competitor. When that phase passes over you are left with nothing, just an empty space of wanting more of that approval. My question is, How does it satisfy you on the inside? What new discoveries does it gives you? Do you feel richer, wiser? My point is, yes of course, when you had your fist experience like that, you experienced something new, about yourself and your capabilities.

But everything else you tend to do for others unknowingly… It’s just charging your ego with blowed emptiness that will go away and left an empty space you will need to fill again. Realisation i came to is: Do everything you need to do, but do it for yourself and yourself only. This will be the moment, when you’ll feel the real win, when you’ll pass trough your own obstacles.

For example if you wanted to go on that climbing course, but you always had some excuse like, i will never have time to go and i will never climb later in life or i won’t have time to attend the course because they won’t let me get off work. All of the excuses we have… When you’ll give advantage to yourself before everyone else, and you’ll finally do it without over-thinking, everything will fall into place. People at work will understand, you might get to know a bunch of amazing people and maybe someday you will be able to fulfill a wish to someone else, who wants to start climbing but has too many excuses. Like you once had.

And this, this will leave you complete on the inside. And it won’t be shown anywhere on the outside. But it will shine out of your eyes. – Your wisdom and knowledge of how to get over an obstacle will be with you always.

Love, Nika

New Chapter

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

I know, how very cliché of me to say it, but if quoting John C. Maxwell is one of the helping tools that I use to motivate myself I should embrace it right? You know, sometimes all you need is something tiny and small to hold on to in order to let go of much bigger and heavier burdens you were holding on for too long and serves you no more. This is me realising that fears, insecurities, being invisible and quiet, afraid of making mistakes and biting my tongue, won’t change anything.

While in my mid 20’s I’m seizing the life, with my newly discovered courage of pushing my boundaries and tasting the joy of stepping out of my comfort zone. This is the latest idea on how to be shameless in pursuing my life to the maximum. If I will change or help anyone on my path, my wishes will be fulfilled.

I was trying to think of a poetic first lines and how to impress new readers. And I have no idea! So all I’ll do is that I will enjoy the process, I’m sure everything else will come together later. Let me just sum up very few thoughts on making this blog. I’m very grateful for the freedom of speech and the internet. It allows everyone to create their own space where feelings can be expressed and opinions made.


Let this online sanctuary serves as a center of positive energy for everyone who needs a dose of it.


Love, Nika